paratge é drudaria païens

paratge é drudaria païens

Orphic Hymn to Earth (translated by Athanassakis and Wolkow)


Divine Earth, mother of men
and of the blessed gods,
you nourish all, you give all,
you bring all to fruition, you destroy all.
When the season is fair, you teem
with fruit and growing blossoms,
O multi-formed maiden,
seat of the immortal cosmos,
in the pains of labor
you bring forth all fruit.
Eternal, revered
deep-bosomed and blessed,
your joy is the sweet breath of grass,
O goddess bedecked with flowers,
yours is the joy of the rain, the intricate realm of the stars
revolves in endless and awesome flow.
O blessed goddess,
may you multiply the delicious fruits,
and may you and the beautiful Seasons grant me kindly favor.


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